1. What is passive income?
    • What are the passive and active income?
    • How to generate passive income on the Internet?
  2. 16 examples of passive businesses
    • 1. Sell your videos and photos
    • 2. Rent a room on Airbnb
    • 3. Create an online course
    • 4. Sell the things you no longer need
    • 5. Create your own website
    • 6. Open a dropshipping store
    • 7. Get paid for sponsored posts on Instagram
    • 8. Create your own blog
    • 9. Join affiliate marketing
    • 10. Invest in stocks
    • 11. Create a print-on-demand store
    • 12. Sell pages and online stores
    • 13. Write an eBook
    • 14. Create an application
    • 15. Helps companies attract customers
    • 16. Create YouTube videos
  3. The best passive jobs or sources of passive income for you
  4. You want to know more?

Surely you have a permanent job to generate assets, that is, a constant salary and that is great. But deep down you know you’ve always wanted more. More financial freedom. More flexibility. You may even have tried one of these applications to earn money. Surely you have ever asked yourself: “How to increase my income?”.

Therefore, in this article, we teach you how to live on passive income. We include 20 examples of passive businesses and ways to generate passive income. So keep reading!

What is passive income?

A passive or residual income is the money that is earned passively, that is, without having to dedicate time to continue earning it. 

What are the passive and active income?

The main difference between passive and active income is determined by the need or not of involvement on the part of the interested party at the time of generating the income. 

For example, stock investments are a type of passive income. It is not necessary for the user to take any additional action to achieve performance in their transactions. Your money grows “passively”. 

However, a telemarketer must work actively to generate income. This will receive a salary based on the number of hours worked, so the more hours, the greater benefits will receive. 

How to generate passive income on the Internet?

There are many ways to generate passive income online. For example, you can create something (a blog, course, e-book, videos, or an online store) that allows you to generate passive income online even when you are not working. 

Or you can own something (properties or shares) with which you can also earn passive income periodically. In this article, we give you 20 ways you can earn passive income. So keep reading. 

20 examples of passive businesses

1. Sell your videos and photos

If you like the audiovisual world, selling videos can help you generate passive income. How? You have two ways: 

One option is to create audiovisual content for other companies. For this, you only need to have a good team, programs to edit videos, and a lot of creativity. 

But if you want this to be your passive job, you can also attend public events such as protests, demonstrations, and festivals, record videos, and sell them to the media and online press. 

As we can see in this example of passive income from Peter Kock, owner of Seller at Heart :

passive income examples
«I upload videos to websites like Newsflare and Rumble. When they buy my content, 50% of all revenue generated is transferred to my personal account. My videos have appeared on MSN, Daily Mail, The Guardian, etc. With Newsflare, I’ve made over $ 4,000 so far, and I still get royalties for videos uploaded a few years ago. “

In the same way, if your thing is photography, you can generate assets by selling the photos on stock photo sites, magazines, etc. Nowadays, you can even take and edit photos from your mobile and earn passive income without investment easily.

2. Rent a room on Airbnb

If you like meeting new people and you have a spare room in your home, this source of passive income is for you.

Offering a room on Airbnb is a great way to earn money from home and with virtually no effort. The best part is that you do not have to commit to a long-term rental so you can interrupt this passive activity at any time.

3. Create an online course

Selling courses online is one of the best ways to earn passive income in 2021. 

whether you decide to sell a course on your own website or on a platform like Domestika, you will find clients who want to know your tips and tricks. 

However, the downside is that these platforms can put discounts on your courses during certain periods, which will affect the amount of passive income you earn.

If you prefer to have more control over your passive work, you can create your course on your own page. The challenge of this alternative is to get more traffic on your website, which allows you to generate more income. 

For example, Sumit Bansal, founder of Trump Excel tells us:

Passive income sources
«I started a blog in 2013. Little by little it started to gain strength and, after two years, it already had more than 100,000 monthly visits. So I decided to create an online course and see if it worked, and it did. I made good passive income for a few months and then decided to dedicate myself full time and launch more courses. Since then, the blog has grown much more ».

4. Sell the things you no longer need

Why not take advantage of Marie Kondo’s advice to earn passive income? Get rid of things that no longer serve you and generate more income with their sale. Books, clothes, kitchen utensils … You would be surprised how many people are willing to buy second-hand things. 

5. Create your own website

Creating a website can be a constant source of passive income. Some people create marketing agencies and outsource the work to freelancers. Others create online courses to share their knowledge and educate others. You can also sell products – digital or physical. 

Sell ​​from your website or blog. KNOW MORE

There are many business ideas that you can exploit with a website. The best part is that by creating your own website, you get more control over what you sell and how much money you make. Your success is in your hands, which will allow you to make your brand whatever you want it to be.

6. Open a dropshipping store

dropshipping is one of the most profitable ways to generate more revenue. 

You just have to find, set up your store, do good marketing and wait for the first sales to arrive and therefore. 

While it is true that to be successful you need to put a lot of time and effort, the good thing about this model is that you will not have to take care of the logistics or inventory of the products. Therefore, we include it in this list of passive business examples. 

If you want to generate passive income in Argentina, here we teach you everything you need to know about dropshipping in Argentina .

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7. Get paid for sponsored posts on Instagram

The marketing of influencers is a good source of passive income since more and more companies pay Instagram accounts to promote their products and services.

Whether you’re passionate about travel, fashion, beauty, home décor, or something really quirky like wacky dog ​​haircuts … you’re sure to find an audience interested in your niche. 

Instagram allows you to create fan pages for absolutely anything so charging for sponsored posts is one of the easiest ways to make money on Instagram

In fact, you don’t have to start selling on Instagram. Creating an audience is worth it. It will be the companies that offer you their products so that you can market them or, simply, so that you speak well of them (in exchange for a commission or one-time payment)

And don’t forget to use hashtags on Instagram to gain more visibility and reach a larger audience. 

8. Create your own blog

A very popular way to generate passive income online is to create your own blog. Blogs have helped countless bloggers and entrepreneurs earn passive income through affiliate links, advertising, courses, sponsored posts, products, book deals, and more. 

It is true that it can take a bit of initial work to build a successful blog. However, it is one of the best ways to generate passive income that exists in 2021. 

For example, let’s look at this real example of passive business. Desirae Odjick, Founder of Half Banked, explains:

How to increase my income
«I started my blog to make personal finance more accessible. Often my posts included links to the tools I was using that I found useful, so it was a natural transition to add affiliate links when I joined those companies’ programs. Now that I’ve been talking about personal finance for almost four years, those links bring in thousands of dollars every month, it’s the perfect passive income source for my business.

9. Join affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income today. 

The good thing about this is that almost all the big brands have an affiliate program. For example, the Shopify affiliate program allows you to earn up to $ 2,000 per referral, which is incredible. But some online retailers only give a mere 10% referral bonus. 

So be sure to do your research on the best affiliate programs before you start. Blogs tend to be the most profitable way to generate affiliate commissions without spending money on ads.

10. Invest in stocks

Investing in stocks is one of the best passive jobs. The only drawback is that you will need to have a prior investment. 

We also recommend that you learn a lot about how investing works before you start and run away from anyone who tells you that you can get rich easily. 

The truth is that although you can generate more income in this way with respect to other alternatives on the list, to live on the passive income you only need to invest very intelligently and considerable amounts of money. 

11. Create a print-on-demand store

Since e-commerce is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income these days, trying print on demand can be a great passive job if you like to design. 

Print-on-demand allows you to sell custom graphics on products like clothing, mugs, tarpaulins, phone cases, bags, and more. The best thing about this is that you can create your own products and create a brand. Just like Verónica Wong, founder of Boba Love, does.

Generate assets
“ I started designing and selling clothes and tea accessories and recently have reached 10,000 followers on Instagram . I’m just starting to get more passive income, but Shopify and Printful make it a breeze so I’m optimistic! “

12. Sell pages and online stores

Do you love programming? If so, you could create passive income by selling websites and online stores. 

You may need to get your first few sales (to show that your store is awesome). But if you have great design skills and develop some of the content for your website, you could find someone who is willing to buy your online store. 

If you’re looking for a place to sell your website, you can try selling it on the Exchange Marketplace , Shopify’s exchange marketplace. On the platform, you can sell a new online store or a store that is already making money. It is the perfect platform for online stores of all sizes.

13. Write an eBook

E-books have remained a very popular content medium since they became fashionable back in 2010. So if you are a natural writer, you could start earning passive income by writing an eBook.

Just like Allie McCormick does, one of the best examples of passive income.

Generate more income
“In 2016, when I was pregnant, I started this passive job at Amazon Kindle Publishing. Although I did not manage to generate assets immediately, 18 months later it has become the perfect passive income source for me: I work 1-2 hours a week and take 3-4 weeks off. And passive income comes alone.

14. Create an application

Without a doubt, one of the most original ideas on how to generate passive income on this list.

If you are a developer or programmer, you can try creating applications to generate passive income online. To generate assets, you can charge a fee to people who want to buy your app or make your app free and monetize your passive work with ads. 

15. Helps companies attract customers

Do you have business skills? There are tons of businesses that will pay you referral fees to generate more income. 

Freelancers, DJs, photographers, and other solopreneurs are often willing to pay a referral bonus to find a client to sign a contract. So if helping people make money is something you are passionate about, you can earn passive income through your connections. 

All it takes is a couple of emails or messages, and you could generate more with very little effort. It is not a 100% passive job, but it allows you to generate assets with little investment of time.

16. Create YouTube videos

YouTube is an incredible way to generate passive income online. 

From sponsored videos to charging for advertisements, you’ll find that you can make a lot of money on YouTube. The secret to creating a successful YouTube channel is to constantly create content for a few months. Over time you will see that all the time invested pays off and you will start to really enjoy this passive work.

For example, Matthew Ross, co-owner and COO of RIZKNOWS and The Slumber Yard, began earning passive income on YouTube with a channel about technology (watches, fitness bracelets, etc.):

Residual income
“In total, we invested around $ 5,000 to create the channel and buy the products that we were going to evaluate. In 5 years, we managed to increase our revenues to more than 2.5 million dollars. Today our websites and YouTube channels attract more than four million visitors a month. “

The best passive jobs or sources of passive income for you

Passive jobs can help you generate more income. If you like what you do, you do not have to quit your job completely but you can take these examples as ways to earn extra money

What you should rethink is how much time you have to invest it is a source of passive income.  

Whether you are looking to start a dropshipping business, invest in stocks, or create online content, think carefully about how much time you can spend generating passive income. 

Then all you need to do is get started.

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