5 tips to take advantage of the marketing and sales automation tools of a CRM

Having CRM software can be very useful for any company, especially if they offer different services to their clients or if they have several departments that must work together. Also, some CRMs like Bitrix24 offer various marketing and sales automation tools that you can take advantage of.

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one platform to manage your teams and run your sales. In addition, it has more than 35 useful tools, but this time we will focus on those that are used for the area of ​​marketing and sales automation. With these options you can automate routine tasks and free up time for other important tasks , in addition to being able to associate the company’s social networks in which sales are generated to manage everything from a single platform.

5 tips to take advantage of marketing and sales automation tools

1. Organized task management

Instead of being attentive to each step that the client takes before generating a purchase, this CRM allows you to automate your actions based on the tasks completed by the potential buyer, that is, actions based on certain criteria are met and thus take quick actions. that improve the efficiency of the service.

2. Contact center

Bitrix24 allows you to have all the communication channels of your clients in one place to easily view all the interactions that your clients make with the brand and thus collect said data.

This tool is called “Contact Center” and it is a panel where professional profiles from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber and other platforms are located. From it you can process sales, answer messages and offer more connection options with the company.

3. Data collection for advertising

The CRM is capable of generating and storing information about existing customers or those that appear to be potential, and thus use said data to generate advertising, marketing campaigns and retargeting .

Another activity that goes hand in hand with this tool is that the CRM can automate Facebook ads based on the data collected and make sure that it is displayed to the target user.

4. Automated email marketing

We have already talked about what email marketing is and how it works . With Bitrix24 it is possible to automate the emails that are sent to customers to promote the products or discounts that are in force in our eCommerce.

The tool allows you to segment contacts and create custom templates to target both active and inactive customers. This ensures that the message that we want to transmit from the company reaches all the public that we want to capture.

5. Monitoring the success of the products

Any good marketing strategy must be supported and one of the data to consider is the behavior or success of the products or services offered. One of the tools of this CRM is to follow up on this information through sales funnels.

Although it is a tool that may contain margins of error, it is very useful when putting together a strategy to promote those products that are not proving so popular.

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