7 Digital Products You Need to Automate Your Business

7 Digital Products You Need to Automate Your Business

The Internet is here to stay, and any third-party business needs to have a presence on it. In addition to digital marketing, a key factor to gain authority and visibility, the automation of your business is crucial to make your day-to-day and transactions with your customers easier.

The advantage is that, today, we have the necessary tools to achieve this. You just have to decide which ones are right for your business and learn how to use them. Let’s see why automating your business is a good idea.

7 Digital Products You Need to Automate Your Business
7 Digital Products You Need to Automate Your Business

Reasons why you should automate your business:

There is no doubt that we all agree that, while the Internet has presented itself with many dangers in various fields, it is also a very useful tool that makes our lives much easier. Why?

*You save time

One of the main advantages of automating a business is saving time. This is considerable and allows us to use that time on things that we consider of greater importance, either in our business or in our personal life.


In every company, no matter how small, there are certain tasks that are considered tedious, whether they are inventories, invoice templates or filing taxes. Thanks to the tools that we can count on online, everything is much easier.

* User experience

Without costumers, there is not business. A very clear truth that we understand more and more and that allows us to use the appropriate resources to make your user experience much easier. We talk about the ease of browsing our website, the simplicity of payment, payment facilities, and much more. When we automate our business, everything is easier for us and for the users who will become potential customers.

* Better control

Automating your business allows you to have greater control of both stock and expenses and income. There are even tools that do certain processes automatically to make everything even easier for you.

What are some of the things you can automate?


In any marketing service agency they will talk to you about the importance of automating the sales process by having a sales funnel that attracts customers and users to the web.


Giving different options of payment gateways, as well as a personalized service through chatbots and others, will help the customer to decide to buy in your store instead of in another.


The delivery of the product is a point to take into account. The way in which the product arrives, as well as the time it takes, can become a point in your favor or against you, depending on the quality of the service.

It is necessary for the customer to have access to the entire delivery process, that is, to know at all times where their purchase is and how to contact the carrier in case they have a problem or want to speed up or slow down the process.

After sales

This is a point that many overlook, but while selling is the goal , it’s also important to keep first-time customers. It is necessary to know the satisfaction of your customers and based on it, make the necessary changes to improve.

However, it is recommended that in addition to automating this process, you have a ‘human’ service that is available to serve those who need to have a person on the other end of the line. In addition, you can use this service to increase your sales. How? For example, imagine that you have sold a mobile phone, you could say ‘don’t you need a case too?’

Offering a simple and free return service is one of the points in our favor. In fact, big companies like Amazon gained a lot in their favor by this point.

The best tools to automate your business

Various digital products make it easier for you to automate everything. There are all kinds of them: both those specialized in a single sector, as well as some that give you many more options. Here are the ones we consider essential:


Holded is one of the most complete tools to automate your business. It has a very affordable price and is suitable for any size of company. It is powerful software for business management of companies and can help you with things like these:

  •  Full visibility. You will have access to all your financial statements and movements and it connects with any device so you can access from and wherever you want. It syncs with your bank accounts and does an automatic ordering of all your invoices and related documents.
  • CRM. Thanks to Holded’s functions, it is possible to create and manage custom funnels, as well as manage and track custom sales. Customer data can be accessed easily.
  • Management of the sale and purchase. With Holded it is easy to issue different models of invoices, send orders to suppliers, make the accounting of invoices payable, paid and pending shipment.


Order and organization is crucial for a business to function. Trello focuses on project management that allows you to organize all your business and digital strategy actions. One of the advantages that this tool offers is visibility, since everything is grouped in different customizable boards where you can find lists and cards to keep everything organized and at hand with a single glance.

Survey Monkey

Surveys have become a powerful marketing tool to increase sales. Knowing what customers think of your business and how to improve certain aspects to achieve greater satisfaction is crucial to increase sales and keep your customers.

Thanks to Survey Monkey you will have concrete results of this and you will be able to carry out all kinds of personalized surveys focused on a certain product or service or a specific group of clients.


Hubspot is a very complete tool that allows you to automate your marketing strategies and campaigns. You can launch campaigns, measure results and update everything automatically.

It has a wide suite of tools that are interconnected and that, thanks to this, allow you to attract customers, manage business relationships and increase the conversion rate. It could be said that one of its main disadvantages, unlike Holded for example, is its price, which is excessive for small and medium-sized companies.


Thanks to this software, optimizing and improving sales is easy. With it you can create sales proposals and contracts including interactive elements, audiovisual content, customizable templates, digital signatures, etc. It is linked to your CRM platform so that you can access your customers’ information easily.


Zerys is a software that allows you to have all the information in one interface so that you can create a specific and personalized portal for each client. Your clients have the possibility to rate the development of each of the processes found on the portals and leave feedback. So you can have very valuable information that allows you to improve your business for greater customer satisfaction.


Perfect to optimize your digital strategy, especially the part of customer service. Thanks to it, treating the customer before, during and after the sale, will become something simple and pleasant that will undoubtedly leave them very satisfied and therefore, will allow you to retain those you already have and attract more new ones.

It has interactive elements such as chats, knowledge bases, automated answers to the FAQ (frequently asked questions). All this allows all the most common doubts of your clients to be resolved easily and in the shortest possible time. And for a better management, you can make a record of the conversations with your clients and thus have at hand all the information you need in order to solve their doubts.

We believe that these are essential tools to automate your business and make everything easier for you and, above all, for your customers. You have already seen that automating offers a series of advantages to take into account. Thanks to the Internet, we have at our fingertips all the necessary resources to achieve a better operation of our business and greater customer satisfaction.

Now, you know the advantages and digital products to do it. Get down to work and you will see how your life becomes easier than you imagine. Reducing response times in the areas that we have seen, encourages the client to spend less time in each of the phases and, therefore, to have less time to doubt. The sale will be imminent in a simpler way.

And, on the other hand, we must not forget that immediate and effective solutions increase customer satisfaction and therefore their desire to buy. Choose the tools you want to use for your business and get started as soon as possible. Success awaits you!

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