Artificial intelligence and virtual reality, some of the trends in email marketing for 2023

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality, some of the trends in email marketing for 2023

According to Acrelia, hyperpersonalization, segmentation and the content generated by users will also be protagonists of email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing will remain this coming year as one of the reference channels in the digital strategy of brands and companies. “The return on investment offered by email campaigns continues to rise, and they contribute 30% of the income of companies that bet on this channel,” explains  Lidia Castillejo , head of business development for one of the main platforms. email marketing market,  Acrelia .

In 2023, those responsible for planning and executing these campaigns will incorporate new elements to reach more and better users and potential customers. From Acrelia,  artificial intelligence ,  virtual and augmented reality ,  interactive  and user-generated content, and greater  segmentation and personalization stand out above all . According to the platform, other past trends will also lose prominence, such as the importance of the email opening rate.

Improve strategy with artificial intelligence

AI has carved a niche for itself in the marketing departments of many companies, as it is of great help in decision-making and in choosing the messages that are sent to the recipients. “Its data processing capacity is extremely high and, for example, it allows the results of previous shipments to be combined with the history of purchases to create the most appropriate communications in a very personalized way,” explains Castillejo. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is also beginning to take off in content generation: there are tools that write texts and create images to accompany them in a matter of seconds, for example, to create subjects, calls to action and headers.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are already present in many home and professional settings. Transferring these technologies to the email marketing strategy was a matter of time, and it has already arrived, at least for some mobile devices. It is now possible to send an image and have it become a 3D object when the user clicks on it. Filters can also be applied to the camera to try on products or place furniture in the dining room. In this way, the experience is much more immersive and the possibility of wanting to buy what is being tested virtually becomes more real.

Interactive content for more eye-catching shipments

According to Acrelia experts, plain text bores the new generations, who prefer to stay active and interact with their surroundings. In email marketing, this trend involves adding elements that can be manipulated without forcing them to visit the browser. One way to achieve this is with  AMP, which allows you to send interactive emails . This translates into, for example, embedded videos that can be played without going to YouTube, simple games that can be played directly from the email manager, or product adjustments, such as size or colors, before purchasing. Messages with interactive content have a greater impact on the receiver, which makes the sender’s image look positive.

More User Generated Content

Why is it so common to see it on social networks, but email marketing hasn’t taken off yet? The answer is a thing of the past because little by little we see that these “user generated content (UGC)” are being inserted, a type of content that is very useful for promoting products or services. “It’s a great persuasion tool, as well as saving us from having to create new pieces on our own,” adds Acrelia’s business development manager. More and more campaigns created expressly to obtain graphic material by the user are also being planned, such as contests or raffles in which a photo must be sent.

Hyper-personalization and better segmentation

The tendency to include all kinds of details from the database is becoming clearer and sending a single message is a thing of the past. Even in last-minute campaigns, carried out with little time, this willingness to better choose who the brand communicates with is noticeable, especially to personalize how it is done. dynamic  content They are the best tool to make it possible without having to spend too much time preparing delivery variables and that each type of target audience receives a different message in their inbox. The key to sending the right content, at the right time and to the right users is hyper-personalization, for example, combining different data obtained from the CRM. In this way, each potential client receives what interests them and the conversion is more likely.

Less important open rate

The open rate has long been a key metric for whether or not a shipment is working. But  new privacy protection policies  have made it less reliable. This does not mean that you should stop counting, just that you have to complement this percentage with others that are more relevant. Based on this trend, Acrelia’s recommendation is to review the  statistical reports in depth  and check if the evolution of the click rate or reading time better measure the objectives. “It may be the case that a monthly newsletter and email marketing campaigns have to be valued differently so that data protection management does not affect the results.”

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