Email marketing: what it is, benefits, and tools

Email marketing: what it is, benefits, and tools

Among the digital marketing strategies that yield the best results is email marketing, to the point that despite the advance of the use of social networks for commercial or advertising purposes, sending emails in bulk is still the method par excellence to sell. products or services and to retain users.

Email marketing: what it is, benefits, and tools

In case you do not know what email marketing is and what benefits it can bring to your company, in this post we will tell you, also, we will show you the tools that guarantee its success.


Email marketing or mailing is a digital marketing strategy that consists of the massive sending of emails to a list of subscribers, with the intention of interacting directly with them and inviting them to carry out a certain action.

Since its inception, email marketing has evolved and if before it was a practice that people used to do on their own, today there are platforms specialized in creating mailing that has advanced tools to guarantee the success of the campaign.

Regarding where the subscribers to whom the message is sent come from, they are part of a database that is usually formed from forms found on the website of the brand or company interested in applying a strategy of email marketing. 


Email marketing brings a series of important benefits for brands and companies, among these we can mention the following:

  • Increase sales possibilities : each user who receives and reads a message from a company has a high chance of becoming a potential customer, thus increasing sales or conversions.
  • Direct channel between the brand and the user : through email marketing, the company can create a direct channel of communication with its users to, among other things, share valuable content or notify them of the latest updates. In this way it is possible to retain subscribers.
  • It’s inexpensive : this is one of the cheapest and best-performing digital marketing strategies. In this sense, specialized platforms offer very affordable prices and even free mass mailing packages with tools that can be used a lot.
  • Reinforces the image of the brand : Mass emails can be personalized and can be used to tell stories with which subscribers feel identified, which definitely reinforces the image of the brand or company before its audience.


A fairly common mistake among those who want to start an email marketing campaign for the first time is to send mass emails by their own means, which is why the messages go to Spam. 

To avoid the failure of the strategy, the best recommendation is to make use of a specialized platform that has advanced tools, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • Contact segmentation : not all your audience has the same interests, that is why it is essential that it be segmented, in order to then reach the target audience.
  • Message analysis s: to ensure that they have the right focus in accordance with the campaign strategy.
  • Efficient Layouts – Smartly designed, attractive emails that engage your audience.
  • Automation : it is possible to automate the launch of campaigns to increase the productivity and performance of the strategy.
  • Measurement and analysis of results : mailing allows you to measure and analyze the results of the campaign through the evaluation of metrics, conversion rates, number of clicks and open rates, for example.

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