Get to know the most outstanding campaigns of the week

Get to know the most outstanding campaigns of the week

We present you the most outstanding campaigns of the week that are characterized by reflecting creative and original ideas.

Marketing campaigns  are   tactics designed to promote a particular product or service to a specific target audience  . These strategies can encompass banner ads,   email marketing , social media, and any other medium that can reach your desired audience. Establishing the objectives of a campaign is essential to ensure that the strategy is effective and generates a positive return on investment. These objectives must be clear, achievable and specific, which means that they must be adapted to the audience and the desired results. On this occasion, we present you the five  most notable campaigns  of the week due to their creativity and originality.

Get to know the most outstanding campaigns of the week

Brand : Mexico City Museum of Memory and Tolerance

Campaign : Odyssey

Agencies : Montalvo, Central Films

Central Films, through the moving short film “Odisea,” directed by Rodrigo García Sáiz and commissioned by the Museum of Memory and Tolerance in Mexico City, takes viewers on a heartbreaking journey through migration.

The narrative of “Odyssey” revolves around the shocking journey of a migrant, facing adversity to reach the United States. However, the course of his seemingly endless journey through the desert takes an unexpected turn when, instead of reaching his destination, he returns to Mexico, with a surprising outcome.

This short film not only presents the daily challenges that thousands of migrants face, but also seeks to honor their journeys, which often end tragically. It is a tribute to those who risk everything in search of a better life, underscoring the global dimension of the migration phenomenon, where many never reach their destination and some find death along the way.

For many Mexicans, the Day of the Dead represents the only opportunity for return, a day when the souls of the deceased are briefly reunited with their living loved ones.

Rodrigo García Sáiz, a director who divides his residence between Los Angeles and Mexico City, is recognized as one of the best in the industry, especially for the Latin American market. His work transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, connecting audiences through human authenticity and offering a glimmer of hope in the midst of adversity.

Brand : Marvel

Campaign : World-class light beer for world-class bubbles

Agencies : LePub, BBH USA, Reynolds’ Ultimate Effort

In a rare coincidence, both Deadpool and Wolverine agree that Toad is not in anyone’s top 10 mutants. However, that is not the focus here. Another coincidence between them is their excitement about joining the MCU with Heineken Silver. “Nothing helps get through the long and often confusing days in the multiverse like the cool, refreshing taste of Heineken Silver,” they say.

The campaign was developed by LePub, BBH USA and Reynolds’ Maximum Effort, with direction by Bryan Rowland through Loon Productions.

Brand : Toyota

Campaign : Overcoming

Agency : Innvented

“Superación” is an audiovisual production that celebrates Toyota’s continued support for Uruguayan Paralympic judokas Henry Borges and Mariana Mederos, highlighting their careers and achievements.

With more than two decades representing Uruguay, Henry Borges has left an indelible mark on the world of Paralympic judo. Currently, he occupies fifth place in the Judo world rankings in the -60kg category for blind athletes. His qualification for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games marks the closing of a notable stage in his sporting career.

On the other hand, Mariana Mederos, who has been a proud ambassador of Uruguay for more than eight years, stands out in the world Judo ranking in the -70kg category for athletes with low vision, occupying position number 13. With determination and preparation, she is ready to face any challenge that comes her way.

This audiovisual production reflects the perseverance and spirit of improvement of these athletes, highlighting their dedication and commitment to Paralympic sport and serving as an inspiration for future generations.

Brand : Amazon Ads

Campaign : Media Envy

Agency : Anomaly

Amazon Ads recognizes the hard work of marketers and their teams who put time and effort into creating effective campaigns. Understandably, upon seeing another brand’s ad seamlessly integrated into your favorite Prime Video show or encountering an old college buddy mentioned (yet again) in the industry press, you might experience a slight twinge of “ envy of the media.”

With this sentiment in mind, Amazon Ads has launched a new campaign that presents itself as a solution to this phenomenon. The campaign offers premium placements and expanded reach on channels like Prime Video and Twitch, with the goal of helping marketers and media buyers transform envy into inspiration.

These are some of the most representative campaigns due to their originality and story telling .

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