Happy New Year 2023: messages and phrases that you can send to your friends via WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram

Happy New Year 2023: messages and phrases that you can send to your friends via WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram

Consult in this note we offer you some ideas of messages and phrases that can serve as inspiration for this date, as well as relevant information on the subject.

There is very little left until the New Year 2023 celebrations begin . That is why for many, a special habit is to greet family (who can be at a distance), friends and loved ones with a warm message through platforms such as WhatsApp , Telegram and Instagram . In this note we offer you some ideas of messages and phrases that can serve as inspiration for this date, as well as relevant information on the subject.


This is a compilation of the best messages and phrases to send via WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram to your family, friends and loved ones regarding the celebrations for the welcome of the New Year 2023 .

  • To all the wonderful people I met this year and in my life I wish you an excellent year, I hope this new year is full of health, love, prosperity and lots of fun. Happy 2023!
  • I hope that this new year will bring to your doors many new and exciting opportunities in our lives, do not doubt it, that this new year will be our year. Happy New Year !
  • My warmest thoughts and my best wishes for this New Year , that peace, prosperity, love and happiness do not abandon you on your way, do not forget that the future is yours to write your story, in your hands is that the next year will be the best.
  • My prayers are with you that you have a beautiful, happy and extraordinary year ahead. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  • My love, I love you more today than I loved you yesterday, but remember that I will love you more tomorrow than I love you today. Happy New Year , my love ! If I had to make three wishes, I would like to always be with you, always love you and always have your heart.
  • The old year says goodbye and a new one comes into your life. Let us ask God to fill our hearts with mutual love and affection, that this New Year brings joy, love, peace and happiness to you and yours. Happy New Year 2023 to you and your family!
  • May the divine love of God touch your life this new year, may it be full of memorable moments, remember that the first day of this New Year is the first page of a blank book: Write a phenomenal story with God’s help!
  • May this new year bring to your life new happiness, new goals, new achievements and many new inspirations. May all your hopes come true and all your dreams come true, I love you very much. Happy New Year 2023 !
  • Thanks to you I faced all the problems that came my way. Thank you for your incredible friendship! Happy New Year ! May this new year be the best of your life and your family too.

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  • May this new year bring a lot of joy and fun to your life, may you find love, success and peace, my most sincere wishes and blessings will be with you this year and all those to come. Happy New Year !
  • It makes me immensely happy that I can count on you in my family, that you are part of me and my happiness. I wish you enjoy a Happy New Year and that you receive it with blessings and millions of joys.
  • It’s amazing how fast this year went by, how almost without realizing it has ended and I already celebrate the arrival of another new year that will be much more beautiful. May God bless you with the best of luck once again, with good health and best wishes.
  • I am not an expert in writing messages or phrases, nor in sending congratulations, but you have been my exception. I wish you a Happy New Year 2023, a year full of moments and instants where joy takes over you. Congratulation to you!
  • Family and friends, today my greatest wishes are directed towards you: I wish you all to live happily for many more years so that I can also enjoy them by your side. Thanks for everything, Happy New Year !

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  • Life has given me a magnificent year, and that is why I feel indebted to her. And it is that life gives me 365 more days to give them love, and to wish them health and money. Thank you for this beautiful year that you have given me.
  • Receive these New Year greetings with a big smile, and may she be the one who accompanies you in the next 365 days; she receives these congratulations with open arms, because they come to you to give you a warm and tender hug. Happy old night!
  • I have never experienced a year of so many emotions and such intensity; I have never been so happy and never felt so loved before. Thanks to people like you, they make my life worthwhile. Happy New Year !
  • It is sad for me to have to send you messages or phrases when the distance that separates us is so great, but it makes me very happy to know that with this greeting I will be able to make you smile. Happy New Year , God bless you.
  • My greatest wishes for this new year go to you, so that this is the year in which you fulfill all your wishes and achieve everything you long for. I send you my best wishes and my best congratulations friend.
  • Happy New Year Friend ! I hope you receive this new year as a new opportunity to start creating your life. I hope that each new day becomes the best day of your life. May God drop millions of blessings on you.

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New Year ‘s parties are celebrations that are held all over the world, in different ways, with regard to the different customs that each country has, which celebrate the beginning of a new cycle of twelve months, where music and joy do not lack.

Informationally, the New Year is understood to be the day a new calendar year begins and the calendar year count is increased by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some way, as mentioned above. In the Gregorian calendar, the most widely used calendar system today, the new year occurs on January 1, which is also the first day of the year in the original Julian calendar and the Roman calendar (after 153 BC). .

It is important to note that other cultures observe their traditional or religious New Year ‘s Day in accordance with their own customs, typically (though not invariably) because they use either a lunar calendar or a lunisolar calendar.

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For example, there are differences regarding the start of the Chinese New Year, the Islamic New Year and the Jewish New Year if we mention well-known examples.

On the other hand, India, Nepal and other countries also celebrate the New Year on dates according to their own calendars which can be moved on the Gregorian calendar.

During the Middle Ages in Western Europe, while the Julian calendar was still in use, authorities changed New Year’s Day , depending on location, to one of several other days, including March 1, March 25, Easter , on September 1 and December 25.

Since then, many national civil calendars in the Western world and beyond have changed to use a fixed date for New Year’s Day , January 1; most did when they adopted the Gregorian calendar.

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