How to make extra money selling free courses online

selling free courses online

In this free mini course I’m going to show you how you can earn extra money by selling free courses online, and best of all, you won’t have to invest anything.

To implement this strategy, we are going to work with PLR products.

Pay close attention, because this strategy that I am going to teach you today is evergreen, it has always worked and will continue to work, for those who want to dedicate themselves to developing businesses based on digital marketing in the affiliate marketing niche.

selling free courses online
selling free courses online

What are PLR ​​products?

PLR products (Private Label Rights or in Spanish, Private Label Rights).

What does this mean?

Very simple, these products that can be cooking courses, dog training, languages, speed reading, yoga or digital marketing and Internet businesses , all in video format, which you can download for free: you can sell them, modify, put your name and other things.

There are also other plr products with which you can make money online without investing a single penny on the dollar, but that is the subject of another guide.

The interesting thing is that we can sell it and keep 100% of the profit, of course if the sale is made by you.

But that is not the objective, which if it is, is that you learn a new way of how to earn money in a simple, simple and easy way.

Without having to personally sell the products, leaving this task in the hands of the platform and its affiliates.

Having clarified this point, we begin.

How to earn extra money working from home, selling free courses in three easy steps.

There are three steps we must follow to start selling online video courses, for which you will not have to invest time to create them, or money to buy them, because they are there for you to download and use.

However, once you start generating your first profits, my advice is that, start buying products, since these paid products are of better quality and sell much faster.

Another valuable tip or tips is to try different market niches. The digital marketing and social media niche is not the only category with which you can make money online.

First step, download the product, for this I am going to leave you some platforms where you can do it.

Step 2, customize the videos by adding your logo as a watermark.

Finally step 3, upload your course to platforms where you can sell it, I will suggest 2 that allow you to do this and you do not have to pay anything.

Once this is done, wait for the sales to come, without having to sell anything personally, perhaps it would be interesting if you did, and then teach the strategies to your affiliates and thus sell much more.

This is the easiest way to earn money online .

It’s amazing what you can do with these PLR ​​products.

For me they are the most versatile digital products I know.

How to find courses in plr videos that are of good quality and free.

Well, let’s start developing the first part that consists of finding those free virtual video courses, so that you can start generating that extra money that you need so much.

But before suggesting some sites, it is important that you know that it is not difficult to find these pages.

Most of them are membership sites where you will have to register to be able to access to download free video courses on the internet.

You can do a search by writing PLR products in free videos, or by writing Videos Private Label Rights Free in the search engine.

How to find the best plr products in 100% free video course format.

The first thing we will do is do a search with the keyword “PLR products in free videos”.

Google immediately shows us the following results.

How to earn extra money working from home

As you can see, Google shows us a series of videos that are in first position.

Scrolling and going a little lower gives us the following results.

How to earn extra money from home

We can see some interesting results.

Apparently they are pages that offer products in Spanish.

However, there are not many quality products in this language, since this form of digital marketing has not developed strongly and is still in its infancy in the Hispanic world.

The Anglo market is much more commercial than the Latin market, it sells much more.

We will focus on products in English, the main reason is that they are of excellent quality, not so in the Hispanic market. Another compelling reason is that they buy much more.

The other important thing to note is that in the Anglo market the competition is greater and therefore, the producers have much higher quality standards.

In short, the products are of better quality and more varied.

Now we will do a search in Google, but in English with the key phrase “Videos Private Label Rights Free”.

The first results that Google gives us are YouTube videos, I scrolled and went a little lower, where 2 sites are displayed that give you a couple of high-quality products, if you make an account and register.

You may be wondering!

Why do these plr product membership sites do this?

The reason is very simple, people download these products, then sell them using some strategy or the same one that I am teaching you

Then with the money they earn, they go and buy more products, personalize them and upload them to the platforms.

Thus they begin to build a profitable and lucrative business on the Internet. A true empire of selling digital products, without having made any videos.

This is one of the smartest and most profitable businesses I know, because you generate passive income with high-quality products, without spending a single dollar at the start.

This is a win, win strategy.

Where you work is to search for profitable niches, find good quality products and sell them using affiliate marketing, but now as a product creator and not as an affiliate.

If you are still interested in how to earn more than extra money and generate Thousands of dollars per month, you have to read all this content and if possible, review it again and take notes.

Take advantage of these strategies that I am releasing to you and run to put them into practice, because they are not gold nuggets, they are true veins of pure gold.

Another thing, sign up for my newsletter, because every week I share exclusive content for my subscribers, content that puts money in your pocket.

How to earn money from home and generate extra income passively.

Unfortunately the screenshot does not show us the first site, but it is the next one. , this is a membership site and when you register in it, they give you 2 gold products, totally free, you realize the potential that this online business has.

Plus, you have 12000 free products that you can download and do whatever you want with them.

In another article I will share another strategy to use these products and sell like crazy.

Are you liking this blog?

If it is a resounding yes, share this content with your social networks, remember, selfishness and greed are synonymous with spiritual poverty.

So you can see that I’m not lying to you, in the next screenshot I show you what they offer you for registering now


We already have our free plr products, now we are going to customize it which corresponds to the second step.

Step 2, how to customize our PLR video course and why we should do it.

It is always important to put your watermark, your logo, so your personalized product looks, so that you can make branding and also, so that it is not copied.

Putting your watermark is very simple. There are tons of software, programs, and applications on the internet that allow you to do this job.

I’m going to recommend one that works online, and you don’t have any need to install a program on your notebook or laptop,

This is the Video Toolbox page . This page allows you to put your logo on the video 100% online.

This is very convenient, because, you do not have any need to install a software or application on your computer.

So, we already have our product, we have personalized it with our logo or name.

The next step is to upload it to the video course sales platforms.

So let’s move on to executing the last step.

How to upload plr video courses to sales platforms and start earning that extra money you need.

We already have the product, we have customized it, now we have to upload it to a platform that sells courses in video format.

I am going to show you 3 platforms that serve this purpose.

These are: Teachable, this platform is very good but, you have to pay to upload your courses.

In the beginning, this page was free and it was a good option for people who were starting in this business.

Another point against is that it does not let you upload free courses, which is allowed by the other two platforms that I am going to show you.

Upload free courses is an excellent strategy to build a database and then sell other products to them.

Finally, Teachable does not promote, what the other two websites do, which is very good for getting sales.

For these 3 reasons I do not recommend this platform, so that you can start your business of selling courses in digital format online.

Instead, I do recommend Tutellus and Udemy.

These two are very similar, and they only differ in the way they pay you.

Best of all, in addition to promoting, they have an army of affiliates who sell for you, in exchange for a commission.

How do Udemy and Tutellus pay and how much extra money can be made per sale.

To give you an idea, Tutellus pays you 85% of the sale, while Udemy gives you 70% of the sale is made through the platform and 50% of the sale if it is made through an affiliate.

Based on the above, you could be earning between $ 5 and $ 7 for a course that sells for $ 10.

The first thing you must do to upload your courses on Tutellus and Udemy is to create an account.

I leave you the link

From here you can access Tutellus, and make an account, then you have to go to the “Teach” section and start uploading your course.

If you don’t know how to do it, go to YouTube, you will surely find a good tutorial.

The same procedure should be done with Udemy.

I leave you the link to register ” Register in Udemy “

Screenshot udemy
Screenshot udemy

If you don’t know how to upload the course, you know, you have a Mister Youtube who can teach you.

Well, I hope you liked this content and most importantly; Take advantage of it, because this works.

Share this content with your social networks, so you will be helping others to earn money, and me, so that this content is better positioned on the Internet.

Leave a comment and if you wish you can register to my list where I share exclusive content with my subscribers.

A hug and much success.

Nestor Beltran.

Author of Blog and Money.

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