Mesothelioma lawsuit after electrical worker succumbs to asbestos disease

Mesothelioma  lawsuit after electrical worker succumbs to asbestos disease

the man’s family has filed a mesothelioma lawsuit , this man who worked near asbestos in naval facilities has died , claiming they were not warned of the risks.


According to this lawsuit for death of mesothelioma , electrician Norman E. was exposed to asbestos fibers that he inhaled during the time he worked for Rockwell Automation, Inc. General Electric Company and CBS Corporation, formerly known as Viacom Inc. and also as Westinghouse Electric Corporation .

The plaintiffs allege that Norman worked with products that contained asbestos and that were prone to breaking and crumbling, such as insulation, plaster, soundproofing material, and automobile and aircraft parts.

Every time he unpacked, prepped, sawed, drilled, chipped, hammered, scraped, removed, or plucked these materials, the airborne asbestos fibers were released and he breathed them in. The resulting exposure caused serious and permanent injury, as progressive lung disease eventually killed him, according to the mesothelioma lawsuit. Norman apparently had no idea that every time he was exposed to asbestos, he put himself at risk of contracting a fatal disease.

Mesothelioma lawsuit alleges employers knew the risks

The mesothelioma lawsuit alleges that Norman’s employers were aware of the health risks posed by exposure to asbestos and the materials that contained it, but did not provide the proper safety equipment.

Employers also allegedly knew that in the process of working with the materials, the parts would break, crumble, or suffer other damage that would allow tiny asbestos fibers to enter the air that those working near the materials would breathe, increasing the chances of suffering. lung diseases related to asbestos.

Asbestos can take between 20 and 50 years to damage the human body. Tiny asbestos fibers settle into deep lung tissue, where they cause irritation and promote tumor growth over time.

Asbestos is a natural mineral and a known carcinogen, but it gained popularity during the industrial revolution due to its insulating and fire retardant properties.

According to the mesothelioma death lawsuit, the asbestos-containing products caused asbestosis, other lung damage, cancer, and death while used as intended, meaning the products were “defective, unsafe, and dangerous to use. “.

Norman worked in various areas where he was exposed to asbestos. He worked on an aircraft carrier that was under construction. Norman documented that he and his team pulled “a million feet” of cable, and that in the process, they had to alter the insulation of asbestos-containing bulkheads in poorly ventilated areas.

Norman also worked in the four engine and boiler rooms in close proximity to workers removing and installing asbestos insulation, asbestos-containing pipes, and block insulation. He also worked around welders using asbestos blankets.

The mesothelioma death lawsuit alleges that Norman worked on a ship after a fire and had to strip and install wires in an electrical panel in the engine room. While doing the electrical repairs, he was in close proximity to the workers repairing the burned and charred areas of the boiler room, exposing him to asbestos.

On another ship, Norman recalled that a ship shook when hitting ocean waves, “which made asbestos dust visible in the air.”

The Mesothelioma Death Lawsuit is Case # 4: 18-cv-00493-PJH in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division.


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