My Life Philosophy… What Is Yours?

My Life Philosophy… What Is Yours?

– Make your life like a fucking movie. That's really like my philosophy. We're all gonna fucking die, there's no point. And I keep saying it, that's my view. You may believe in heaven and soul families and maybe I'll be very wrong, maybe I'm like there's no point, we die and it's over and then we're dead, "soul family", who knows, for real, it's like, who knows.

We don't know but what we do know is that this current life is going to end, you can't take anything with you, you can't take your money with you, you can't take your friends, I mean you could take but don't take your friends with you. But, you can't take your friends with you.

I don't know why this seminar got really dark. (laughing) So, you can't take your friends, you can't take anything. You can't take your accomplishments with you. Even your legacy, eventually will just, be forgotten, or just burn when the sun explodes and the Earth explodes and it's over, and if you think about it too with social media now and the internet and how fast we're just moving on, people forget way, way faster, for real.

If I knock on wood, died right now, like I died it was over, how many more years do you think people would still talk or watch my shit? You'd move on pretty fucking fast. Probably two years from now, like, "oh yeah, I guess there was this Julien guy, I suppose." It's over, so, there is no point and again that can be sad, But for me, it's well, there's no point, I'm here.

I'm still here, it's like you're stuck in detention. You're stuck here, you can do what you want. How are you gonna make this life fucking awesome while you're still here, and there's no one here who would be inspired to do nothing, or you wouldn't exist. We're all here, play the game, stop putting the controller down, play the game and then it's fucking freeing.

Well you can pursue this, you can do this. You can literally do whatever you wanna do. You wanna go do music, go do fucking music. You wanna go do like maes and dance, go dance. You wanna learn ballet, go learn ballet. You wanna fucking sing, go sing. You wanna get to finance, go into finance. You can't into college, guess what, now it's all online.

The level of freedom, yeah, that's like freeing. Oh wow and there's no should or shouldn'ts and that's a big thing to question too, depending on the paradigm, there's nothing you need to do, you don't have to be healthy you don't have to be successful, there are no rules, make up your own rules, there's no meaning, now you can make up your own meaning.

That's the beauty of it too, you can make up your own meaning for life, you can choose the soul family and live by the soul family, that's your meaning. That's the freedom you have that's being alive. You can choose to believe that, you're an alien who was here in whatever the fuck, you know? You're from another dimension, or you're connected to another being.

You can choose to believe that. You can choose to believe that there's heaven. You can choose to believe that there's hell. You can choose to believe that there's nothing. You can choose to believe that you'll be reincarnated into a rat. You can believe whatever the fuck you want. You're free to believe all that.

And that's the beauty of it. (audience member interjects) Yeah, well I mean, oh (laughing) Whatever happens, you can believe that too. It's like whatever you want to believe but it's also I mean it scares us too 'cause now it puts life in your control which gives you that fulfillment and ultimate happiness but it's also now scary cause like wait there's no should or shouldn'ts, what do I believe in, tell me.

Most of us just want to be told, cause we all live in fear. (audience comments) Yeah, oh dude, this advice if it clicks in you can do whatever you want it's in your control although it's freeing, it's the opposite of what most people want to hear, I kid you not if I came up here in front like everyone I know you're lost, I know life is scary, it can be heavy, can't it, just think of it all the pain and shit you've go through, here you are and just look at what it took to be alive until today all the shit, the doubt, the fear, the stress, the anger and you're only this age, you're gonna have to live another 10, 20, 30, 40, you know whatever years, how are you gonna survive all that and just lost and confused and just in doubt, how are you gonna do it, how will you find the solutions, guess what, I have a product right now that will tell you exactly how to live your life, I will tell you the rules of life, I will tell you what you should do and what you shouldn't do and if you just follow those simple rules, the simple steps to having the good life you'll be set.

Just fuck the worry, put your life in my hands and I will do it for you, that product would sell like a motherfucker like I could price that shit a hundred thousand just give me all your fucking money I'll tell you what to do (laughing) You would, people would they just want to be told what to do 'cause it's so scary otherwise, it's so scary.

And it is, realizing you're all alone, life's in your own hand, it's like (inhales) just you want a parent, you still want your parents to help you, so if you want that product, nah I'm kidding, I don't have that product but I'm giving you the opposites. I guess it's scary but it's freeing.

And trust me you don't want to be in the told what to do.

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