Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
Motorcycles are a common form of transportation in Orange County and throughout Southern California. They can get through traffic faster than a car and can fit into tight parking spots. Like all other types of vehicles, motorcycles have certain limits and are more susceptible to serious damage and injury to riders due to certain types of accidents.

 The biggest difference between a motorcycle and a passenger car is the lack of a protective chassis, which exposes the rider directly to impact with other vehicles, stationary objects, and the road. Shield Litigation, LLP is an Orange County motorcycle accident law firm in Santa Ana, serving accident victims throughout Southern California.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents? Motorcycle accidents, like car and truck accidents, have a variety of causes. Sometimes they result from driver negligence, such as driving distracted or drunk. In other cases, they arise from poorly designed and maintained roads. Motorcyclists are especially sensitive to the risks posed by poorly managed and poorly designed roads because motorcycles are lighter than other vehicles, have thinner tires, and have a different center of balance. A sharp turn for a car can be deadly for a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists are also more likely to be involved in collisions with motorists who cannot see them. Motorcycles can easily enter a vehicle’s blind spot, putting them at risk of a collision if the motorist decides to change lanes. At night, this risk is amplified.

Injuries a motorcyclist or motorist can sustain in a motorcycle accident. People involved in motorcycle accidents in Southern California can sustain the same injuries as people involved in car accidents. For the motorcyclist, there is an increased risk of serious or fatal injury because motorcycles do not provide the same protection as larger vehicles. In an accident, a motorcyclist can be thrown to the ground or crushed between the two vehicles. Injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident include: broken bones; soft tissue injuries; brain and spinal cord injuries; Burns and/or cuts. Wearing a helmet can increase a motorcyclist’s chances of surviving an accident and avoiding traumatic brain injury.

Seeking compensation for damages caused by motorcycle accidents
If you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Orange County due to the negligence of another party, you can seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages through a personal injury claim. You will need to support your claim with evidence showing how your injury was the direct result of an accident that could have been prevented if the other party had been more careful. This evidence may include: a copy of the official police report of the accident; Photographs of your injury and the accident scene; Eyewitness accounts of the accident; Testimony from your doctor regarding your injury; and/or documentation showing your time away from work and resulting lost wages.

Working with an Experienced Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, getting the proper medical care should be your first priority. After that, contact our team of experienced Santa Ana, CA motorcycle accident attorneys at Shield Litigation, LLP, working with injured clients and their families throughout Orange County, Anaheim, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove and the surrounding areas. We work on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay us unless you recover compensation for your damages through a successful personal injury claim. Contact us now at 714-728-3385 ​​to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

If you have just been in a motorcycle accident in Orange County and you or a passenger sustained serious injuries, it is urgent that you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer for legal advice.

After a motorcycle accident, time flies and every minute you could be missing valuable opportunities to improve your compensation: through evidence of the accident, through witnesses, through your statements.

It is very common for motorcycle accidents in Orange County to have serious injuries, as the driver’s body is not well protected; he usually only wears a helmet that partially covers his head and the rest of his body is fully exposed. Physical damage can include punctured lungs, injuries to vital organs, and fractures.

When there are serious injuries, it is best that you have the advice and support of an expert motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure sufficient compensation to pay for all these damages.

Keep in mind that the insurer will try to place all the blame for the accident on you instead of paying you full compensation, as many people think that motorcyclists are reckless and are the cause of their accidents.

However, it may well be that the culprit was a reckless motorist who hit you and hit you and left you alone with all the damages and bills to pay. This is where the motorcycle accident lawyer comes in: he can get all the necessary evidence and examine his insurance policy to demand what is fair for you.

There is also material damage: what happens if your motorcycle is useless after the accident? Who pays for the repair or replacement of your daily means of transportation?

During the accident, you may also have lost other valuable items, such as your computer or jewelry. It is only fair that you receive a replacement for all this.

Only an Orange County motorcycle accident attorney can help you pursue compensation that covers both physical and property damage, and that will repair you for all damages.

Experience is one of the most important requirements if you are going to hire an attorney: only one who has already handled cases like yours knows how to get proof of the accident, can Anticipating the strategies of the insurers, it knows when it is necessary to put more pressure on the other party and when it is necessary to go to the next level: the demand.

At our Orange County firm we have extensive experience representing victims of motorcycle accidents. This experience has not only given us knowledge like the ones mentioned, but it has helped us network: we know the best motorcycle accident experts in California and we know the best medical centers that can treat you through a lien. so that you do not have to pay at this time and do so until you receive compensation.

In addition, we have sufficient financial resources to initiate a lawsuit if necessary and can even provide you with an advance under certain conditions.

You can be sure that with us you will get the best compensation possible; much better than what you would get on your own, even discounting the lawyer’s fee, which will be a small percentage.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying us now either – you will until you get paid.

We have represented victims, individuals or entire families who have been seriously injured or have suffered the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence.

We advise victims of all types of accidents, whether they were in the street or inside a property, within the city or on the highway. We also take care of victims of dog attacks or falls in a swimming pool.

Many of our clients come to us because they have issues such as the at-fault hit-and-run, the insurer refusing to pay them enough compensation, or the at-faulter does not have enough insurance to cover the damages.

Talk to one of our Orange County accident attorneys for more information on these and other services: 844-332-9832. Remember that the consultation is free and confidential.

Below we present the main causes of motorcycle accidents.

75% of all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle that impertinently refused to yield to the right-hand motorcyclist.
25% of all motorcycle accidents are because the motorcyclist loses control or is unable to turn.
69% of all drivers did not avoid the collision with the motorcyclist arguing that they did not see it.
These statistics tell us that the majority of deaths and injuries are the result of drivers’ inattention to detect and recognize motorcyclists on the roads.

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the negligence of the other driver by not paying attention and not seeing the motorcyclist. Two-thirds of motorcycle accidents are the other driver’s fault.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Orange County it is important that you contact an experienced accident attorney who can protect all of your rights to guide you through this process and ultimately have a positive outcome.

Our team of lawyers can advise you on your complaint and fight for compensation for the damage caused.

Remember to call our Orange County attorneys at 844-332-9832 to be advised by one of our experienced attorneys.

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