Starbucks will give away coffees on June 2; Carl’s Jr will have hamburgers for $1 peso, among the most read notes

Starbucks will give away coffees on June 2; Carl’s Jr will have hamburgers for $1 peso, among the most read notes

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Starbucks will give away coffees on June 2; Carl’s Jr will have hamburgers for $1 peso, among the most read notes

Starbucks will give out free coffees this June 2nd. What you should know

This  June 2  are the elections in Mexico, where various political positions will be elected, including the presidency, which is why Starbucks wants to reward your commitment to voting that day.playvolume

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The American coffee shop announced that it will give free coffees in all branches in the country.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the note, the objective of this  Starbucks promotion  for June 2 is for citizens of voting age to go to the polls and choose the best option they believe.

This promotion consists of a complimentary Espresso or Chiapas coffee of the day (300 ml) to the first 140 people to show their inked finger in each of our Starbucks stores in the Mexican Republic.

Carl’s Jr. announces sale of hamburgers for $1 peso

Carl’s Jr. Mexico  excited its followers by announcing the return of its iconic  $1 peso hamburger promotion , a tradition that has become a classic within the framework of  International Hamburger Day , celebrated every  May 28.

Through its social networks, the restaurant chain announced that this offer, which began eight years ago, will once again delight hamburger lovers.

Although the specific details of the promotion have not yet been revealed, it is expected to follow the line of previous years, offering a classic burger at a symbolic price with the purchase of a combo.

Oxxo employee shows “unusual” discovery in cash register

Among the different processes that can be understood in a store is the moment of payment, so some employees show themselves as part of knowing how these types of tools work; An employee displayed the find he made inside his checkout box at the store.

69 percent of the problems that arise in a business are due to the consumer’s influence on it, while 39 percent of the problems are considered a crisis in them.

List of brands that will give gifts and promotions on June 2 #EligeVotar

We are just a few days away from  June 2 , the date on which the voting will be held from which Mexicans will elect the next President of the Republic and the members of the Congress of the Union.

As on previous occasions, there are several brands and companies that will carry out promotions and offers to consumers that demonstrate that they have cast their vote.

For these  2024 elections , the  National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (CANIRAC),  in collaboration with the citizen movement  #MeVeo,  launched the national campaign  “Free Coffee that #ChooseVote” .

AirPods Pro 4 with screen displayed

Innovation in technology can be shown in different parts, so product launches can be seen from a single issue within different instances, so other new products can be seen; In a video the alleged new AirPods Pro 4 with a screen were shown.

Companies usually aim to create new products with the aim of achieving a more positive impact, an issue that can be understood with the new products that come to the market with different technologies and aspects that are completely different from the rest.


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