The firm Tiendanube will provide training to entrepreneurs from Junín

The firm Tiendanube will provide training to entrepreneurs from Junín

The Undersecretary of Production of the Government of Junín reached an agreement with Tiendanube, the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America, to provide a series of instructive meetings for local entrepreneurs and companies that want to stimulate their sales and strengthen their ventures.

The foundation of this proposal is that Junin residents and merchants can develop and apprehend specialized content in electronic commerce through marketing strategies.

It should be noted that Tiendanube offers a robust platform with a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions and services related to means of payment, shipping, management systems, marketing, social networks and connection with multiple sales channels. The company is transforming e-commerce in Latin America by creating the largest e-commerce ecosystem for brands in the region, encouraging each one to show the world what they are capable of doing.

Regarding this, Mariano Gentilucci, Undersecretary of Production of the Municipality, stated: “We worked hard to achieve this agreement with Tiendanube, which makes it possible for us to provide quality training from a company that is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship; We are very happy to reach this agreement that will allow us to do four training sessions, which in principle will be three online and another face-to-face”. About Tiendanube, he stated: “It is an e-commerce that works and cooperates in Argentina and Brazil, a company of the so-called unicorn that is valued at more than a million and a half dollars, which in our country operates with more than 100 thousand e-commerce and companies”.  

“We continue working from the link to technology, which is the leg that the Undersecretary of Production began to open last year, together with entrepreneurs with whom we have been in permanent coordination for a long time,” added the official.

Next, Gentilucci assured that “the participation of entrepreneurs and businesses is key in this sense, in Argentina the E-commerce sector grew a lot, so having first-hand training from the most important company that exists at the regional level and Latin America is super important”.  

In addition, he explained: “This will have a first stage called ‘How to sell successfully on the Internet’, as an introduction to the virtual market, then a second stage in which we are going to set up the store and the resources that must be into account for that, and in the last one we will address all the necessary knowledge to start selling with the emphasis on marketing and how to position yourself through an advertising strategy”.  

Likewise, the undersecretary pointed out that “the first meeting will take place on March 16, we will communicate each of the dates that will be held every 20 days, and they will be carried out through the Entrepreneurs Club and the ‘Consultorio Entrepreneur’. It is an open proposal for the entire community, beyond the fact that it is focused on entrepreneurs, all those companies that are interested in stimulating online sales can also participate”.

Meanwhile, Patricio Casella, specialist in Comms & Events SSR Analyst at Tiendanube, expressed: “Lowering the barriers to undertake is one of Tiendanube’s missions, and these free training spaces are the perfect bridge to reach an audience that seeks to add new tools to increase the profitability of your online business, or start taking your first steps in electronic commerce”.

“Through these educational meetings, we seek that entrepreneurs can take the leap with their businesses, knowing the current context of electronic commerce and which are the best to achieve this growth in the digital field,” he concluded.

It is worth remembering that those interested can go to España 37, where the Entrepreneurs Club operates, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Content of the trainings  

1) How to successfully sell online in 2023 (ABC Content, “basic” level):

 – Context of electronic commerce.
 – Profile of the consumer who buys online.
 – Sales channels and how customers interact with brands on the internet.
 – Characteristics and advantages of Tiendanube as a platform.
 – How to manage different sales channels through an online store

2) Practical Workshop: step by step to create your Tiendanube.

– Tiendanube administrator panel and main functionalities.
– Choice of design.
– How to upload products or services to your store.
– Configuration means of payment and shipping.
– Advanced features.

3) How to boost the sales of your digital business (“advanced” content)

– Sales channels and centralized management of a digital business
– Good practices in Social Networks to convert followers into buyers.
– WhatsApp + Email Marketing: tactics to attract customers to your online store
– How to optimize your online store and avoid abandoned carts.

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