What are Twitter Ads and the advantages of advertising on Twitter?


Advertising on social networks is already one of the paid online communication formulas that companies most often resort to when they bet on advertising.

The reasons are many since they offer high performance and allow you to reach your potential audience in a different way. However, each social media is different, both in the formats and in the way they are used to communicate. In this article, we want to talk specifically about Twitter Ads. Have you thought about advertising your company on this social network? Then what comes next interests you.


What is Twitter Ads or advertising on Twitter?

Advertising on Twitter is all about promoting your company’s content.  In reality, all Twitter Ads carry the “Promoted” label, but their behavior will be identical to that of any other non-paid tweet. The objective of launching a promotional campaign on this social network is to improve the reach of your brand’s publications. At the same time, thanks to the segmentation that social media allows, you can focus on reaching certain users that make up your target audience.

 Twitter Ads work in a similar way to how advertising in Google AdWords works. However, instead of establishing the payments per click (CPC), they are established with the formula cost per interaction, engagement in English (CPE). This means that you will pay when users interact with it. They can enlarge it, RT it, bookmark it, or reply.

Types of campaigns to advertise on Twitter

Twitter Ads goal-based campaigns are designed to help drive results for a business or brand by driving users to the action we want them to take. In addition, to add value to the company, by disseminating valuable content to people who are receptive to our messages.

Advertising on Twitter or Twitter Ads

Marketing goals are divided into three levels, the same as the conversion funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion.


  • Reach – to maximize the reach of your ads.


  • Video reproductions : it is one of the most classic in this advertising platform. Generate views of your video.
  • Pre-Roll Views – Used to pair a video with premium content.
  • App installs – to get people to install your app.
  • Clicks on the site : it is used to increase the flow of traffic to our website.
  • Interactions : to get a tweet to have more interactions.
  • Followers – This goal is another Twitter feature that many other platforms don’t offer. It serves to get more followers, you go out in suggested accounts.


  • Re-engagements with the app – Users who have already installed your mobile app, but you want them to re-open and interact with it. 

The interesting thing is that Twitter Ads has been very similar in the structuring of objectives to Facebook Ads, since before it did not order the objectives taking into account the funnel.

The 5 advantages of advertising on Twitter

Surely you have read more than once the advantages of advertising on social networks. However, in this case, we want to talk specifically about  Twitter campaigns. The characteristics of social media mean that it has pros that do not exist in other social media, or that have less impact. Do you want to discover them?

  • Fast:  the microblogging social network is characterized by its immediacy. On Twitter, the present matters, the now matters. In that sense, the results obtained with proper planning are really fast.
  • Effective for business goals:  Thanks to all the campaign types offered  by advertising on Twitter , as well as its huge network of users, it is really easy to set business goals to achieve with the promotion on this network. In addition, you can measure them with the statistics.
  • Integration with the user:  although it is true that all promotional tweets carry the “Sponsored” label and can be perfectly distinguished from organic publications, they are perfectly integrated into the users’ timelines and allow the same actions as the tweets to be executed. unpaid.
  • Multi-screen and mobile:  Twitter allows the perfect display of advertising on different types of screen. At the same time, it is specially optimized for mobile. This is relevant today, but it will be even more so in the future because more and more users are browsing from devices other than the computer.
  • Better CTR:  several studies conclude that  advertising on Twitter  has a better CTR that is maintained over time. Compared to other social networks, Twitter Ads seem to be more effective. This may be due to the fact that there are fewer brands betting on this medium than on others that are already more saturated. 

Practices to improve ROI with Twitter Ads

ROI allows you to measure the effectiveness of a given investment in advertising. Twitter Ads is no exception to the rule, and advertisers also want to get the best results. In that sense, there are some best practices to implement in your advertising strategy on Twitter. Here is a summary of some of the factors to consider:

  1. The present in social networks.  On Twitter, the now matters. If you take advantage of this immediacy to include mentions of events of the day, offers that end in hours, or news that just happened, you will improve the ROI of your ads on Twitter.
  2. The power of numbers.  Although in practice writing twenty or 20 is the same, visually the number has much more power. Even more so if it refers to a discount, or a discount percentage. Whenever you can, opt for this option that also has fewer characters, something very important in this social environment.
  3. Novelty works magic on Twitter.  If something is new, you have a much better chance of succeeding with  Twitter advertising . Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to let the audience know that you are talking about a real novelty.
  4. Chance triumphs in microblogging.  Everyone likes to tempt fate with the lottery and sweepstakes, but on Twitter these types of posts are very well received. So, if a campaign of this type fits into your business objectives, do not hesitate to do it to improve your ROI.
  5. Questions and/or surveys help to encourage engagement among users:  another of the things that people like on Twitter is related to interaction. Like everything that requires some type of response from the user, and in addition to achieving your business objective, it allows you to improve the notoriety of your brand.
  6. Pictures are worth 1000 words with Twitter Cards.  Twitter allows you to integrate more formats than text by betting on eCards. In them you can include all kinds of information to improve the engagement and ROI of your Twitter Ad. Tweets that include extended formats get 52% more RTs, and 313% more engagement.

What we have told you today about advertising on Twitter or Twitter Ads is just the beginning of a great adventure that will take you along the path of improving the visibility of your brand and achieving your company’s objectives. Social networks are not the future, they are the present and we must take advantage of them.

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