What is a niche market and how to earn US $ 30 a day


It is important to know that it is a niche market on the Internet, but it is much more lucrative to know which ones to choose to make money and not waste time.


In this post I am going to explain to you what a niche market on the Internet is and why you should pay special attention to all this content, read it completely and extract as much information as possible, take paper and pencil, and let’s start without further ado.

Did you know that most Internet entrepreneurs do not make money not because Internet businesses do not work, but because they do not know what to do and are lost with so much information that in most cases it is of poor quality.

Due to the aforementioned, it is that since they do not know, they start doing what seems to them to work, they act and execute on hunch.

Whatever business you want to do using the Internet as a platform to start, be it a multilevel, sell tangible physical products, dedicate yourself to selling affiliate products, start a business with PLR digital products, or promote CPA offers, start a blog and monetize it with adsense or simply sell your own products or third parties, etc., you must verify and do a niche study.

If you apply this criterion and start to treat niche marketing in a scientific way, I assure you that you will be above your competition and you will not fall into the trap of Internet fumes.

Misleading headlines that are just smoke.

I don’t know if you’ve come across headlines like this.

Brutal, $ 100 a day just by copying and pasting.

$ 50 to make stripes.

Earn $ 1,000 a month answering surveys.

These are some examples, there are others that are absolutely cheeky and promise even financial freedom.

If you look at the title of my article, I make you a promise of value that starts at $ 30 a day.

This could be much more or less, everything will depend on whether you choose the niche, your correct target audience and the appropriate strategy.

The Internet is not magic, it is rather scientific commerce, because your success or failure will depend on how well you did your research and the analysis of the data you obtained from your niche market.

But that is only the beginning, then you must use all this information to put together your strategy and put your business machine in motion, because I imagine that what you want is that your work be worthy of your effort with the market niche you are going. to work.

The first thing we will do is state that it is a market niche.

What is niche market definition

On the internet you will find many synonyms corresponding to the word niche market, the one used will depend on its size and generally what it aims to do is give an idea of ​​its breadth.

You can find them as category, sub-category, class, group, mega-niche, niche, sub-niche, micro-niche, and so on.

For example if you go to Amazon, Cloickbank, Jvzoo, you are going to find categories and this is a way of calling a mega niche.

For example, the health category is a mega niche where a large set of sub-niches are brought together, for example.

  • Live healthy
  • Subsistence allowance
  • Lose weight
  • Diabetes
  • Acne
  • And so on.

Niche Marketing Examples.

In this section I am going to give you many examples of niches with which you can start working, I am not going to include them all because the list would be endless.


1.) ADHD

2.) Acne

3.) Adoption

4.) Alzheimer’s

5.) Anger management

6.) Anti-aging

7.) Seniority

8.) Anxiety

9.) Archeology

10.) Arthritis

11.) Asthma

12.) Astronomy

13.) Backpacking

14.) Bass fishing

15.) Become a Nurse

16.) Bird Training / Train Your Bird to Talk

These are some of the thousands of niche businesses on the Internet, you just have to be restless and search, with this guide you have all the tools to do it.

Let’s take a look at the pet category and the dog niche.

If we were to choose the niche market for dogs as a topic to start building a business, we would have to take into account a myriad of breeds to build our business.

In reality it would be the same as pointing a rifle at the sky and hoping that by chance we would hit a flock of geese that is passing by.

The most effective thing is to focus on one breed of the many there are, and build our business around the creation of specialized content in that marketing niche.

Perhaps it would be even better in just one aspect of the race in this way our niche would be much more limited, it would be a micro-micro-niche.

For example, it could be special care for poodle dogs.

If you look closely, we went from the category of pets, to the niche of dogs, micro-niche poodle to reach the micro-micro-niche of poodle care.

When we do this, it is as if we have the target in our sights and the probability of failure is much, much less.

I think that with all this explanation, a technical definition of what a niche market is is no longer necessary with all the examples that I gave you.

Whatever strategy you use to earn money, it is necessary that you learn to distinguish which are the profitable market niches

$ 30 a day to work a profitable niche is very good money if you take into account that most people in Latin America average income is well below this figure.

The best thing to understand how this concept moves is that you can create multiple sources, all working so that you can build an income of 3 and 4 zeros and on automatic pilot.

However, the fact that 30 dollars a day is a more than achievable figure, it is still a project that necessarily requires dedicating some time to it.

The first thing is to determine and find those juicy niches, those profitable niches that are going to make you very good money.

Whatever the market niche you want to work on the Internet, you need to understand the scope of digital marketing

What is digital marketing and how to make money online?

What is a profitable market niche and how to distinguish when it is profitable and when it is an absolute waste of time.

A profitable niche is one that can be monetized, either by selling physical products, your own digital or physical products, affiliate digital products, PLR digital products, or simply with advertising from a company that allows you to place a banner. The most common case is Google Adsense.

Many entrepreneurs with the aim of wanting to generate income as soon as possible, go for those niches that have high traffic and are reputed to be the ones that generate the most money for affiliates.

They jump from niches to lose weight to make money online, because they think they are the easiest and most lucrative.

It is true that these niches are the most sought after and the ones that will generate the most money on the Internet, but the competition is brutal, and getting to compete with marketing sharks is not something easy to do, because you will need more than a lot of desire to be able to position yourself for about them.

It is a fact that you can make money online with these niches and a lot, but, for an entrepreneur who is just starting on this path of affiliate marketing, it is much better to venture into less competitive niches but, with which you can feel the emotion of seeing money entering your Paypal account.

Once you have gained experience, you are established and you have learned the basics of this business, you can begin to venture into these more competitive businesses.

Marketing experts suggest that you start with something that you really like and are passionate about.

This is advice that you should not take lightly, however, you should always exercise caution.

Not always our preferences or those things that we are passionate about, are essentially profitable market niches that will give money, could even generate losses.

One way that works very well is to make a list of all those market niches that you like

Then you do a feasibility study for each niche, to see if it is worth it or not to start working with it.

Either way, there will always be a niche that you like to work with and get a lot out of it.

There are niches that simply may not be commercial, for example the jewelry niche is one of them, no one would buy a set of diamond earrings on the Internet, because it is a very high investment.

The same goes for high-end watches, I assure you that most prefer to buy it directly and not take unnecessary risks online.

Another example is that of shoes, you don’t want to run the risk that they won’t fit if you buy them online.

I reiterate, if you are starting with this business, it is best that you foray into something that you like and passionate about.

In your list, write down everything you like, for example: cooking, painting, sports that you practice or that you follow on TV, do not leave anything aside, no matter how little importance you give it, add it to your list.

It is true that many of these niches that you have pointed out may not work, but there is always a small mine from which you can get a lot of money.

What you should research and it is necessary to take into account when choosing a market niche to make money.

One of the most common and repeated mistakes new entrepreneurs make is deciding on a niche on a hunch.

I don’t blame them because we have all acted this way when we first started.

However, if you are new and you are reading this article and applying it, you are going to start with a great advantage over other novice entrepreneurs.

Aspects such as competitiveness, keyword search volume, trend, reviews, sponsored ads, information web, marketing web, etc., are the foundation of your business.

This can make the difference between making or losing money, if you are paying to appear in sponsored ads on Google or Facebook, or wasting your time if you are creating content for organic traffic.

What I’m going to teach you next are the essential steps you must follow to do a good research to verify if a niche is profitable or not.

Fundamental aspects that need to be investigated and considered to decide if a market niche is profitable or not

These are 5 questions to ask yourself before launching into selling or doing niche marketing.


A jewel, a high-end watch (Rolex), a formal dress, a ball gown, are items that a person would rarely buy online.


This is very easy to see, you can go to the google search engine and type the keyword of your niche.

Check the first 10 organic results and see if these websites are selling products from that niche, the same is true for sponsored ads or those that are being advertised, if there are ads it is because the product or products are sold.


This is determined by doing a keyword analysis, if the search volume is acceptable and there are a large number of related keywords, it is because it is worth it and there is good traffic to enter that niche.


Here we are referring to search intent, if visitors just want information or are looking to buy.

If the results of your research indicate that the niche is commercial and lucrative and there are products that are being sold, you need to dig a little deeper.

What I do is take a general keyword and with the help of the Google Keyword Planner tool, I generate more related keywords.

We are going to take the arthritis niche from the health category, this is just an example to see what results a feasibility study of this niche gives us.


This is really important to keep in mind, a niche is useless if you don’t have products to sell.

I develop this topic at the end of this content.

If you are following and applying this guide, I suggest you go to the end and read this section where I explain where to find products from the most varied niches and check if there are products for your business.

Use the keyword planner to evaluate

The first thing is to enter the Google keyword planner to study this market niche

check if your business niche is searched with Google Keyword Planner

What we are looking for is to know more related and derived keywords, their search volume and trend, for this we will click on “discover new keywords.

The search volume is very important, because it gives us an indication if the topic is of interest or not.

This does not mean that the niche is commercial, it could be for informational purposes.

Many people enter to consult and then leave without buying anything at all.

That is why the next step is to take one of those keywords and type or paste it into the Google search engine.

What is a profitable market niche and how can a keyword study help me?

For the term arthritis the planner gave us 328 results.

Now what you should do is go to the search engine and review some of these keywords.

See among the top 10 results if there are websites that are selling products related to this niche.

Also check if there are sellers paying to appear, in other words paying to appear in patyrocinated ads.

This is very important because it will tell you if the products in this niche are sold or not.

The big drawback of using Google’s keyword planner is that it doesn’t show you the exact volume, it only gives you one parameter.

Yet it is still useful for our purposes.

WordZe, a tool that gives you search volume data that is fairly close to the real thing

However, I know of a tool that gives statistical data quite close to the real thing, this tool is WordZe. I leave the link for you to create an account.

WordZe, an excellent tool to verify if a market niche is searched or not. Click here to make a free account

Types of market niches

This is a screenshot of what I returned after typing in the keyword “Arthritis,” giving a total of 333 results for keywords related to the main word.

I really like this tool because it gives you exact searches, it also tells you with a green arrow if the traffic is going up or down.

A green up arrow is high and a red down arrow is low, it is a way to know in average terms what the trend is.

Another thing that I really like is that it gives you the CPC (cost per click) and the value of the traffic, which is useful if you are developing a blog to monetize it with Google Adsense.

It also indicates with a horizontal bar, the pay-per-click competition, useful information for those who promote with paid sponsored ads.

Finally to the far right, and at the end, you can search for a domain, search for long-tail keywords.

Nobody wants to start working creating content for a niche that is on the decline, and that is why it is necessary to know exactly what the trend is over time.

A quick and easy way to check this variable is by testing your niche on Google Trends.

This is very easy to do, for this, you have to choose a country and type your keyword in the search engine, for the example I did it with arthritis for the country of Mexico.

business niche trend

For this niche we have a stable trend, which is maintained over time and most likely to continue like this or increase.

In general, all these niches related to the health category have this behavior and in many cases they are ever green issues.

They are niches that will always be valid over time and are very good opportunities to create businesses that will always generate profits.

These niches can be monetized with affiliate products or with Google Adsense advertising.

How to get niche products and strategies to sell them online

Don’t have products to sell on your niche website?

No problem, you have numerous options and places to find products to market once you have chosen the niche with which you are going to work.

We are going to start with tangible physical products.

One of the simplest ways where you do not have to complicate yourself with anything, when I say nothing that is, the only thing you have to focus on is promoting these products.

These products are on Amazon, on this website you can find practically everything or almost everything, because if you want to buy a jet, that seems to me that it is not possible yet.

niche marketing with amazon

At Amazon they call categories departments.

This is a good website where you can check if the niche you are researching has products for you to sell.

To sell Amazon products, all you have to do is register as an affiliate.

Enter Amazon.com , and create your personal account, you will find the link by scrolling down the page.

In this image I show you where it is.

Digital products such as E-Book, video courses, audio courses, software, etc.

Another excellent page where you can find all kinds of information products in digital format are:


Digistore 24

I love Clickbank, in my opinion it is the best affiliate page.

In Clickbank you can find thousands of products to promote and it is also a very good source of information to know if a niche is profitable or not.

The idea is that you enter and navigate through the different categories and see products and their statistics.

The most important of all is the severity that is related to the number of sellers who have made at least one sale during the month.

The higher the gravity, the more successful and salable the product is.

Something important to note is that Clickbank is mainly a website that is oriented to the Anglo market, this does not mean that there are no products in Spanish, but there are not many.

Digistore 24.

This is a German company, but it has nothing to envy others from the Anglo world.

Here you can also get good products if what you want is to work niches in other languages.


This website is 100% for the Hispanic market, and you can find many products to promote and also evaluate your market niche.

The quality and success of the products on this page is measured by temperature, the higher the temperature means that it is a successful product and it is sold.

If your niche market is oriented to the promotion and sale of digital products, on this page you can find very good products with which to start your online business.

In this image you can see some products that are selling very well.

I suggest you create an account at Hotmart to start your Niche business, you can enter from Here

As I said before, the most important thing when you want to start making money online is to know exactly if the niche you want to work with works.

That is the great secret of affiliates and marketers who earn juicy sums of money online.

But if you think that by doing this alone the game is already won, you are very wrong.

Then come the strategies, tools and skills that you must have and acquire to complete the entire process and become an online marketer expert.

How to generate at least $ 30 per day with niche markets on the Internet

In this section we will see some strategies that you can put into practice to monetize market niches that in your preliminary studies you were able to determine that they could be profitable.

The idea is to give you some ideas that I will not develop in this content, and it is not necessary since these strategies are developed in other articles.

The purpose is that in a few paragraphs you can get an idea of ​​how the strategy is developed, what you can expect and the difficulties to implement it.

Let’s go with the first and my favorite.

Develop a niche blog and monetize it with affiliate products

For me, starting a blog is simply the best way to get passive income.

Passive income is what you get over and over again just by working once.

If you learn to choose your niches well, those that have good search volume, little organic competition and there is demand for products on the Internet.

If you master this, then you can build multiple sources of Income, work in a niche, position it, start generating traffic and sales and voila.

You can start with another niche, you repeat the whole process and so on.

Now, it is easy to do it, of course not, it is necessary to know how to configure and optimize your blog for search engines.

You also have to learn to write both for your audience, and for Google to position you, I mean, you have to learn SEO yes or yes.

You have to learn email marketing, because you don’t want to be stuck in the computer selling, for this optimizing is the solution and you do it with an autoresponder.

Another discipline that you must develop is the art of copywriting, which is writing to sell.

In short, many other techniques and strategies.

You can visit.

Strategy with Instagram

If you want to start generating income, instagram is an excellent alternative especially for a novice beginner.

The reason is that you can start a profile of the niche you chose and start working by publishing content that is related to the topic.

The key is to make a good profile and a logo or image that is easy to remember.

The profile is the most important, because it is in that place where you are going to sell, this is where you can put your link.

To be honest, Instagram doesn’t catch my eye unless I’m marketing with paid ads.

YouTube Marketing, nobody calls it that, but this strategy is worth it.

I do like this strategy as much as blogger marketing, because it is very similar.

Suppose that you have identified your niche and decide to use a channel as a platform to boost your business.

I would applaud you and also congratulate you, however, before launching with your channel, I would make some inquiries such as.

  1. Check if there are similar channels and what strategy they are using to promote products, what type of videos are they making, are they informative, are they tutorials, duration.
  2. What kind of products are they selling?
  3. They are selling with direct link or with marketing funnel.

Another way to see or investigate what is working on YouTube is to verify directly with the search engine, if the niches you selected are being worked on YouTube.

If in the video description there is some kind of affiliate link or a marketing funnel, you will know it once you click on it.

If it shows you an offer or a capture page where they give you something in exchange for your data, it is because the owner of the channel is, monetizing with affiliate products.

YouTube is the second most visited search engine on the Internet and one of the best sources of organic traffic.

Without a doubt, Youtube is my favorite after blogging strategy, for my taste they are the 2 best ways to build businesses that generate passive income for life.

Unfortunately I do not have a tutorial where I can teach you strategies with videos, but it is a debt that I am going to pay you, because the next content is from YouTube.

We will see briefly, what are the pros and cons of each of these ways or ways of promoting products, especially those of a digital nature.

First, I want to explain why I like to promote digital products much more.

The reason is that I don’t need to invest to have them in stock, and when a customer buys, delivery is immediate.

I also don’t have to mess with delivery logistics, like I do with tangible physical products.

When you start in this great game of selling affiliate digital products, we usually do it with direct link.

We paste our link wherever they allow us to do so, we use all types of traffic for the purpose of making a sale.

Some strategies work and others do not, but our Paypal account continues with the same numbers.

All the effort that we have made to bring traffic to our product has not the fruits that we want.

There is a way to reverse this situation, and that is by using marketing funnels.

It is true that this tends to intimidate newbies, because it is a strategy that requires knowledge to be able to execute it correctly.

But it is by far the best way to start generating good income online.

There is no better strategy than to take a visitor to a system that from the beginning is designed to convert visitors into potential buyers.

When your marketing is designed to create a private community, which is exactly what you do when through the funnel what you do is build your private subscriber list.

A list with thousands or better hundreds of thousands of subscribers is the smartest and most effective way to build an Internet business.

Whatever strategy you choose to start your business, a blog, a YouTube channel, an Instagram profile, Facebook pages and groups, building your list using marketing funnels is the smartest way to do it.IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE A FREE SALES FUNNEL; CLICK HERE

I have more strategies, but I think that for you to start, these are more than enough.

I hope and you would do me a great favor if you shared it with your favorite social networks.

It is also appreciated if you leave a good comment as long as it is not span.

If you want more quality content, I encourage you to subscribe to my list, you just have to click on the banner and register, it is very easy to do.

Without further ado, a hug and much success.

Néstor Beltrán V.

Author of: Blog y Dinero.

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