The presentation email is a great ally to boost sales

The presentation email is a great ally to boost sales

“The first impression is the most important.”┬áThis famous phrase also applies to email marketing.┬áThe first email that the client receives, the introductory email, can generate consumer loyalty and even a greater number of sales.

The importance of digital marketing in the contemporary world is enormous, it is not necessary to explain the almost inevitable presence of digital platforms in daily life. Media such as social networks or web pages today are part of the daily routine of millions of people, so it is not surprising that companies have sought a way to monetize their businesses on these channels.

Since the beginning of the Internet, attempts have been made to create various tools to promote a company or a service. However, the real boom in digital marketing occurred in the first decade of the new century. As the internet expanded and online advertising strategies were refined, digital marketing became an essential tool for those who want their business to have a sufficient virtual presence.

Methods such as SEO positioning, advertising-oriented web design, community management,among others, they have allowed many companies, whether they are SMEs or high-caliber companies, to grow and expand to a much larger audience. Among all these tools, it is worth highlighting email marketing as an appropriate strategy to obtain growth in engagement, web traffic and sales.

Through email marketing, the same message can be communicated to a huge number of potential customers, also allowing to build the brand and announce to consumers about news and offers related to the product or service that is being offered.

Mass email management platforms are ideal to enter the world of email marketing and start executing a suitable online advertising plan. By using this tool, in conjunction with the other existing ones, you can design an efficient advertising strategy that truly delivers tangible results.

What is the structure of a perfect email?

Email marketing is an easy tool to use, but difficult to master. Although mass email software is very intuitive and versatile , what is truly challenging is writing messages and copy that not only attract customers, but keep them. That is why there are so many digital marketing agencies that are especially dedicated to it.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to carry out an email marketing campaign on your own. It is important to know what to do and what mistakes to avoid when writing texts, how to structure them and how to make sure they are well received by clients.

For example, something that is important to know is how to write an introductory email. Normally, when a client subscribes to the email service of a business or company, they receive a first email in which they are welcomed and offer some information related to the product or service offered.

Normally, the introduction email is not given much attention when writing. Serious mistake, the presentation email is a very little used tool that can generate quite a few benefits within the email marketing campaign.

The first impression of the consumer is always important, and if this is positive, it could even result in a purchase. Therefore, the content of the introduction email must be taken care of, as it may result in a new client who will review all the emails he receives from the mailing list.

The subject and the introduction of the email are two very significant aspects, being the first thing that the user will perceive about the company. The appropriate thing is to begin to capture the interest of the client, talking about the problem or need that he has.

To gain consumer trust, an effective technique is to demonstrate that the problem has been investigated. In this way, they are indirectly assured that, by understanding the customer’s need, they can be offered an appropriate solution designed specifically for cases like the one that afflicts them.

At the end of the email you should add the “call to action”, which usually consists of a large button with a link. The customer may be asked to sign up for a webinar, download a document, or go to the company page. Ideally, a micro-conversion is generated, which translates into engagement, customer loyalty and, in the best cases, a sale.

Technical details

As for details such as the size of the text, the ideal is to be direct. In the best case, the email is neither too long nor too short, with the quality of the content as a higher priority than quantity. The tone and style of the text must also be taken into account, with the goal being an understandable copy that adapts to the image of the brand.

The visual section is probably the most important among the technical details. It is said that images say more than a thousand words, so the impression that is transmitted to the consumer must be taken into account.

The colors of the design for the mail should reflect the colors that represent the brand, commonly the same as the logo. Here color theory is applied to convey the philosophy of entrepreneurship, as well as its visions and values. A balance must also be found while achieving an aesthetically pleasing design.

As for the images, if they are placed, they must be relevant to the product or service that you want to promote. Ideally, the email should not be cluttered, leaving the design to express itself. Sometimes, less is more.

In conclusion, the introductory email is very significant in email marketing. It works like a declaration of intent,in which the client is shown what the business has to offer, and what it will do to meet their need. For this reason, it should be given the importance it deserves when writing it.

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