Blackpink’s beauty secrets for k-beauty skin and hair

Blackpink’s beauty secrets for k-beauty skin and hair

Stop everything! If you’re part of the Blinks fandom, you’ll love this information: we have Blackpink’s beauty secrets with which the four stars achieve porcelain skin and impactful hair. In addition, we have discovered everything about the fitness routine of each member, and the best hair trends that they have given us. 

Whether your FAV is Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo or Jennie , we tell you what you have to do to look the most glam k-beauty style!

Pinky tips de skincare

We’ve always known that Koreans have the best tricks for super soft skin , but this information becomes a thousand times more valuable when it comes from the Blackpink girls themselves , who have revealed one or another of their secrets. Sunscreen

Something that cannot be missing in your skincare routine for anything in the world is sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or if you don’t plan to leave your house, its use is ESSENTIAL. It will help you prevent premature spots and wrinkles, and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Blackpink girls are fans of this must product !

light foundations

For Blinks, less is more! So forget about super thick foundations that give you a cakey look . Better bet on a BB or CC cream , which will give you a finish as smooth as that of a porcelain doll. However, it is ideal for all those with oily skin. liquid blush

A product that can never be missing in Lisa’s routine is a good liquid blush , since it is creamy and gives a more natural effect than a compact one. The best? It is super easy to blend. 

Glam tips for hair

Not only do the girls top the music charts , but they also have many secrets to super shiny hair (in a good way), which they have slowly shared with us through their stylist Cha Cha. discoloration

Her stylist revealed that in order to bleach and avoid damage, what she asks the girls to do is not wash their hair 48 hours before the procedure, since the oils and fats from the hair will protect the locks. 

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pink looks

monthly touch ups

Our beauty queens constantly dye their hair , in shades that are difficult to maintain, like platinum. Therefore, Cha Cha touches them up at least once a month, as needed. While for dark colors, it can be every 6 weeks. 

Fitness routines and diets


Her nutritionist mentioned that the singer maintains a disciplined diet , where she avoids 100% foods with salt. Her breakfast consists of whole wheat toast or a bowl of fruit with little honey; For lunch, Jennie usually has a grilled or steamed chicken breast with avocado salad; while at dinner, she consumes oatmeal or green juices to detoxify her body.

She also practices pilates and yoga at least 5 times a week to de-stress and tone her muscles.


The rapper’s nutritional plan is a bit more relaxed, as she has a fruit plate with Greek yogurt for breakfast. At lunch, she eats grilled salmon with steamed vegetables or Thai dishes like Pad Thai. For dinner, she, like Jennie, drinks some green juice to reduce inflammation and detoxify her body. And yes, she loves to practice pilates and boxing ! viewed


The singer does not love to follow strict diets, but she does try to have a light breakfast, only consuming an apple and a little water. For food, she likes to enjoy restaurants, from Chinese to Italian. While at dinner, she opts for something lighter, like berries. 

GLAM FACT: Jisoo is a fan of pilates and aero yoga .


Like Jisoo, she loves working out with Pilates and Aero Yoga , as well as dancing . Likewise, the singer herself has revealed that her breakfast consists of toasted bread with natural jam. For lunch, she opts for steamed fish or chicken with salad, and at dinner she loves to eat a fruit plate with water. most viewed


hair looks

Pastel colors

The Blackpink girls , who will offer a concert in Mexico on April 26, stand out for constantly painting their hair , but the trend that we love the most is pastel tones, since they give any look a romantic, tender aura. and with a lot of light. Our fav is Lisa’s!

lisa's pink hair


If you are a lover of beauty trends , then you already know that fringes are in fashion in all its forms. Recently we’ve seen celebrities like Jenna Ortega and Jennifer Lopez, but the Blink who has worn this look the best is Jennie. viewed

looks de jennie

bun with ribbon

Everything indicates that hair accessories are back, especially ribbons. So do not hesitate to wear them with a nice bun , which will give a modern touch to your look. Get inspired by our it girl, Rosé!

rose de blackpink

Now that you’ve learned all of Blackpink’s beauty secrets, tell us which one you’ll put into practice first!

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