The perfect beauty routine ideal for when you sleep badly

The perfect beauty routine ideal for when you sleep badly

If you sleep little or badly (and even more so in winter), we tell you how to transform your beauty routine to wake up with a good face

here are more and more things to do every day, stress , worries… it is normal for us to sleep worse and worse and even more so in winter, a season in which the days are shortened and our sleep (according to experts) is usually of worse quality . These factors also affect our skin since our face is worse, duller due to lack of light, dryness and dehydration due to temperature contrasts… we will not have a good face without a few well-deserved hours of sleep. In addition, as confirmed by the experts at Beldon Beauty , “a restful sleep is part of healthy skinbecause the skin regeneration cycle occurs from 11 at night to 4 in the morning and a good rest is vital for our skin to look juicy, luminous, elastic ” . Therefore, it is fair and necessary that, if you sleep badly and little, change your facial routine for an instant good face effect and we have the best guide and basics to achieve it successfully.

If you are one of those who sleep little or badly, take note of these tricks to change your beauty routine and have the best face.Become a fan of some products. Photo: Factor Nine

Apply a soothing cream or mask to your skin

First of all, Eva Saralegui , therapist at The Beauty Concept , assures us that “it is highly advisable to use a product with a calming effect in cream or mask format because it is perfect for relaxing the skin and when applying it, bet on a draining facial massage that works the tissues, relaxes the muscles and activates the circulation and we will help to calm the mind”, recommends the expert.

Don’t go to bed with a full stomach

In addition to beauty rituals , nutrition gestures also influence a lot to wake up with a better face. For example, “go to bed two hours after dinner and never with a full stomach, ” says therapist Eva Saralegui. Eating dinner early and in a healthy way and in moderation brings physical lightness and greater joy to get up and face the day as well as putting on better skin because we will ensure a better rest.

Put on a luminous skin effect makeup base

To give your skin a good tone, nothing like some makeup base capsules that give you luminous skin with just a touch with the help of your fingers on your facial skin. It is not an excuse that it is not summer to show it off.

Cold proof and dull skin serum

As a consequence of the cold , the capillaries of the skin contract, causing less irrigation of the skin, so that the skin receives less oxygen and nutrients. In addition, there is less environmental humidity and it dries out. For this reason, a powerful serum is phenomenal for extra hydration and low-temperature proof that takes care of your facial skin.

A lipstick that enhances your lips

Another morning staple to put on a good face is a volumizing gloss to add color and dimension to your pale lips with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and cherry oil that naturally plump up and give them a pretty hue .

Yes to brightening face mask

Face masks are another of our best allies for rested skin, even if we have slept little. And in that sense, we like those with different assets such as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to give our face a radiant and luminous appearance . If you don’t have a mask on hand, Leticia B.Carrera , technical director of the Felicidad Carrera centers recommends “applying our night cream as a mask, covered with a film. And then making draining passes with light pressure from the tear duct to the temple when you apply the eye contour productand that it is preferably cold (putting it in the fridge first)”.

Become a fan of a melatonin serum

Sleeping well is essential for everything, our entire body regenerates and if you have a bad time because you have a lot of stress, that is reflected in the skin. As Natalia de la Vega , director and alma mater of Tacha Beauty , points out, to counteract these effects, “we can use a serum with melatonin to achieve a good-looking effect in the morning even if we have slept little and have more matte skin because with this and other products will give the skin more luminosity”.

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